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Municipalities today are faced with complex and multidimensional issues that affect businesses, residents and the overall quality of life in neighbourhoods across Canada. More than ever, dynamic, multi-stakeholder, cross-jurisdictional issues require best-in-practice communications solutions. We know municipal. We understand how it works and why it matters.

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“We know that municipalities have unique needs and responsibilities, and their constituents have equally unique expectations.”

The Hub @ Sutherland works with municipal clients to convert opportunities and expedite success. Leveraging Sutherland’s municipal public affairs expertise, our team is uniquely positioned to provide recommendations for best practices in effective communication between governments, their agencies, constituents and important stakeholders.

Whether you are a business wanting to work with a municipality or you are a municipality with a large project about to roll out, The Hub is your partner for municipal strategy, planning and execution. Don’t spin your wheels, go to The Hub.

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